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You spelled it out exactly the way it will work: Obama will pick Hillary and no matter how many votes Trump gets, Hillary will win. Recount? See the boss of Homeland Security for that. Then they will say the votes are "CLassified" but an internal recount finds Hillary the clear winner by a margin of 2 to 1....... Riots in the streets? Homeland security along with local law enforcement will quell all dissenters.
You want an ogliarchy? This is how you get an ogliarchy which then evolves into dictatorship.


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Then they will say the votes are "CLassified" but an internal recount finds

This exact thing happened in Kansas very recently. Its sickening. We need some heads on pikes to keep the eliete in check.


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You mean Rep. Penny Hubbard who lost the local vote yet "won" by using absentee ballots that all seem to vote in her favor?

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Find a worthy target, and murder them and their family. Find someone with blood on their hands so you don't hurt your karma. Say for example someone whose willing lies led to some of the millions of civilians who have died in the middle east.


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OTOH, Homeland Security is so dumb and incompetent it wouldn't take much of a revolution at all to topple them.