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Death to all hospital dependent fatties. I have no pity for you. No remorse at the prospect of seeing your dead body. I look forward to the coming cataclysm which will bring about the purging of your sickness from our society. You are a unsustainable burden. You are being carried, some day, soon, your mule will collapse and you will have to fend for yourself. And you will die.

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Said the fatty.


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Asthma isn't a fat only condition.


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Say that 5 times fast.


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"Huh. An article about EpiPens. This must mean it's time to rant about fatties!"


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My dear decrepit, friend. I hope you can someday repair your body, even though it is unlikely you will be able to also repair your soul. Once a decrepit fat degenerate, always a decrepit fat degenerate. We can still be friends, though. I'll go open a fast food restaurant and exploit your inability to control your behavior. In this way, we will get along just fine.