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This is not false internet bravado... In the 80's I saw a video of 2 British soldiers in Ireland who stopped their car for rioters blocking them. Windows were smashed and they were pulled out of the car and beaten to death. 2 bloody piles strewn on the street was all that was left of them. I vowed to RUN THEM OVER if ever in this situation. I am sure I will be arrested and SJW media will try to lynch me, but at least I won't go out like those 2 soldiers did.

Although this has me thinking I might want to put a lift kit on my Jeep Cherokee, make sure I have enough ground clearance that I don't get stopped by the pile of their bodies underneath my chassis.


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It's better to be judged by 12 than to be killed by a mob.


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there's a lot more to that story days before a funeral was attacked with grenades by loyalist forces

Three days later, at the funeral of one of Stone's victims, two non-uniformed British soldiers drove into the funeral procession. Bystanders, who reportedly thought it was a replay of an attack like that carried out by Stone, dragged the soldiers from their car; the two corporals were later shot dead by the IRA.

full story here


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