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As someone who went to predominantly black school, this is the truest statement.

They conjugate, and then their IQ drops about 50 points, reverting them into their animal-selfs.

That's why it's best to carry a blade or weapon, niggers fight in groups and dont follow rules of civility. Once you've produced the blade slash dont stab, quickly & wildly .


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Shieeet fuck dis white boi i aint finna get stabbed nigga


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Not with that attitude.


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I'm not well versed in the specifics of knife fighting. Why do you recommend slashing as opposed to stabbing?


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Stabbing extends your reach, making your arm an easy target. If you miss, someone grabs you and makes you regret it. Shit, even if you stab someone, if you go for the chest, you might get your blade lodged in bone, making it difficult to remove and making you vulnerable.

Slashing with the knife increases the damage to flesh and muscle tissue, the odds that you will open a vein or artery, and most importantly, it's how a knife is designed to function. Knives have concave, smooth edges, which are perfectly suited for slashing and cutting.


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2 kinds of knife attack. To defend and to kill. To stab you need to know certain areas to hit, how to turn the knife in the wound so it wont close (bleed out faster).

To slash is generally a way of defense. Imagine you want to draw a big X in fron of you. Now with your knife draw that X, dont stop till your safe and there either on the ground or running away.

Most people would get cut and run, only someone who wants to kill you will keep attacking.

Carry a small blade, with an easy open flip switch. Most robbers will flee when a knife is shown.


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Dont you tell me how to write, you fucking scumbag. Illl misplel als i wants aint u got no forms a way toos stops me