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If this kind of behavior continues it's inevitably going to be met by force from civilians.


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Blacks are like Muslims. 1 or 2 are ok. Groups of them kill and rape.


[–] Alois_sticklgruber 1 points 20 points (+21|-1) ago  (edited ago)

As someone who went to predominantly black school, this is the truest statement.

They conjugate, and then their IQ drops about 50 points, reverting them into their animal-selfs.

That's why it's best to carry a blade or weapon, niggers fight in groups and dont follow rules of civility. Once you've produced the blade slash dont stab, quickly & wildly .


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It's what the SJW tends to forget. They have their one black friend and based on that don't understand why people would be racist. Blacks are pack animals, plain and simple.