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I must have missed the part where it said he supports it. It does say he wouldn't use federal power against a state law and states have the right to legalize if they want but doesnt say he personally supports the idea of recreational marijuana.


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Isn't that basically what Obama said 8 years ago? That he would stop the DEA from raiding Medical Marijuana dispensaries?

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Yup. And then raided the shit out of them anyways.

Look, I doubt trump would be worse about the drug war then hillary. But he's stated his wall will also greatly assist the drug war. Which is fucking ludicrous it may curtail illegal immigration. "it may not". A fucking wall is certainly not going to solve Americas drug war problem.

I don't think any republican canidate ever wants to admit Reagan was a fucking idiot. And really if they did it would just lose you whatever election your trying to win in that party.


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Umm... That's even better.