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I used to think people saying "France is no longer safe" were just being dramatic.

Things that happened today.

an hour ago, a man with a knife scaring people in Paris at Bastille metro station. Police is there with 20 officers to get him out of his flat where he went to hide.

And this morning, a radicalized Uber driver arrested, dynamite found at his flat.

today also on a beach in north western France a muslim with a djelleba dress shouted Allah Ackbar and said I am going to kill you


Think I'll start going to eastern Europe on my holidays!


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I just got back from a 2 week stay in Bulgaria. It was awesome - great food, beer, and has a fascinating history leading from the Thracians, Romans, Greeks, Byzantines, Mongols, Ottomans, and Soviet influences.

Oh yeah, you can drink on the street, and I have never felt safer in Sofia than any other city. Just avoid the gypsies like everyone else and you ought to be fine. I did notice a few illegal African migrants wandering around downtown - but not nearly on the same level as I saw in France, London or in Germany.


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Czech Rep. is where I want to go. 99% white and has the same history/castles as Germany.


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This has nothing to do specifically with France but with Islam. France brought in so many Muslims that it is now10% of the population.

Can France survive without that 10%? Of course it can. What France cannot survive is letting Islam remain within its borders.

So where ever you come from, take that lesson to heart. Islam is not a compatible belief system with Freedom and Democracy.


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This has nothing to do specifically with France

France ... letting Islam remain within its borders.


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but with Islam

It has to do with race. Blacks in the US are majority Christian, yet this year alone have murdered more whites than all the terrorist attacks since September of last year combined. These are low IQ, highly aggressive populations with low impulse control, most of which are inbred.

You could raise them Buddhist and they'd behave the same way.

What France cannot survive is letting Islam remain within its borders.

What France, and Europe, cannot survive is these vermin outbreeding the natives.


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Because there has been no retaliation after multiple deadly attacks, the sandniggers think these acts are acceptable.

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Isn't diversity beautiful though? Now you can get the genuine Africa/Middle East experience, with all the delights of inbreeding, cannibalism, genocide, ethnic cleansing, low IQ violence and crime, rape, child grooming, terrorism et al!

Who could have thought that shipping over 40+ million brown and black savages from their self made shitholes, to civilized, peaceful countries, would bring the same problems plaguing their vibrant cesspits over here?

Certainly not the leftists I tell you.


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French media says that the man is of Moroccan descent and is 37 years old. It is also reported that he is known by police for previous crimes.

The "Religion of Peace" strikes again.

You can "Learn to live with it" ("it" being your sons and daughters being stabbed, shot, beaten, run over by a truck, and blown to smithereens) or you can drive the Moors invaders back into the sea. Send them back to their ancestral homelands and never let them darken your door again.


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The problem isn't even letting a few in, normal immigration lets people in who want to assimilate to your culture it's when you let a group so different en masse you get a miniature shitistan in your own back yard.


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Holy fuck it is literally at least daily now.


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Yup. How could we have ever seen this coming?!?!


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This is just the tip of the iceberg, of course. And what a pile of rot that iceberg is floating on.

It is a veritable sea of Islam-inspired misery, suffering, rape, mass-murder, racism, and misogyny and all of it is the result of the Prophet Mohammad and his example to fellow Muslims.

Islam is the mother load of not just bad ideas but of rampant and realized injustice in our world today.

Dear Fellow Western Citizens. We do have to remove Islam from our midst. For every ISIS fighter living with his family in relative comfort in Germany or Paris or London, there is a network of Muslim followers that support and help hide these fighters and another troop of the faithful that simply will look the other way and never lift a finger to help preserve Liberalism.

We have a well established 5th Column of Muslim true believers that we have no choice but to remove from our lands or suffer the loss of our own values and ways of living as has already begun to happen.

Islam and Western Secular Democracy cannot co-exist peacefully. This should no longer be a mysterious thing to say.

Please read the Koran (NJ Dawood's translation is the best one to choose) so that you can tear through the lies and realize precisely why Islam is not ever going to be a fit for the West.


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Who's got the counter? We're down to hours now, aren't we?


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What? Again? But there's only been a few hours since the last terrorist attack...

How many daily attacks do we have now?


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At this rate, if Le pen loses the election France deserves everything it gets.


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Is there not topless beaches all over France's coast?

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