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why wear all that armor, and look like something out of a video game, when nothing has happened yet? I mean, i could understand if there were riots or something, but most likely they are there to simply "be present" and keep people from doing stupid shit. If a trump or black power person showed up dressed like that i would assume there would be issues.

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[–] peacegnome 4 points -2 points (+2|-4) ago 

as long as they stick to hanging out with the trump crowd they are in no danger.

Also, our rulers only need a few dead for their goals, and they need them killed by BLM/muslims so that they can have some "officials" say that BLM/muslims are the problem, and some "officials" say that they're not.


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Why put smoke alarms in your home if you've never had a fire yet?


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why close the door if nobody's broken in yet?