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Also much longer video with the rest of the interview. Fuck Don Lemon. Any time he was proven wrong he accused the officer of going off topic, even though he was explaining EXACTLY what he asked any why it was flawed.


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I think it is funny that he calls him out for interrupting yet will not let him talk, and constantly interrupts him, then even insults him at the end by saying we understand you are going through a tough time. He clearly is pretty upset that this guy does not support the BLM like he does. Racist black people call other blacks Uncle Tom when they aren't on board the hate whitey train. This guy must feel so unappreciated when he has to go and save black people from killing each other while they don't appreciate his oath he took to serve and protect, and lay his life on the line.


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Don Lemon didn't immediately condemn BLM. Therefore he supports them wholeheartedly.

That's how it works on CNN, isn't it?


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Lemon is a Mulatto

Obama - Mulatto

BLM leaders - Mulatto

Nation of Islam leader - Mulatto

Malcolm X - Mulatto

New Black Panthers leaders - Mulatto

Beyonce - Mulatto

Jesse Williams - Mulatto

Loretta Lynch - Mulatto

Eric Holder - Mulatto

Security of Homeland Security - Mulatto

Rev. Jeremiah Wright - Mulatto

US National Security Advisor Susan Rice - Mulatto

See the pattern folks?

They hate themselves, but the hate you even more and they will do anything it takes to prove that they really are black even if it takes white people dying to do it.

Studies have shown that 34% of Biracial people are moderately to severely mentally ill because of "Identity issues"....

Google it... "Biracial mental health"


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Even better quality

surprisingly from CNN


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The one you replied to has the full video, you only have a part of it.


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