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Pathetic. Even a retard can see it is socialism.

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Yes, and it gave me a headache. You can do a lot of dumb stupid socialist shit with oil money, very much like some of the European Nordic countries do. OR you can do free markets, throw some vocal commies out of helicopters, and let the poor die off and reproduce less. Like Chile.

One of those strategies creates a better society long-term and is not dependent on hitting the oil jackpot. It is very similar to a stupid person winning the lottery versus somebody of Trump's heritage and education getting a starter loan. One is sustainable and one is not.


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So the Saudi's driving down the price of oil from $110 a barrel to $28 barrel crippled Venezuela's economy. Imagine what would happen if the far left in the United States had their way and eliminated fossil fuel altogether. I guess the message I take away from this article is If you care about Venezuela, Vote Trump in 2016


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On the other side, you had the Venezuelan "federal reserve" printing endless fiat money as the oil wealth dried up and the jobs disappeared. Now they have mortgaged their oil supply and cant pay back their IMF loans, so they will have to sell off land / resources to foreign companies.


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even if that wasnt the case, it's still a good thing.


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"Between 1995 and 2009, poverty and unemployment in Venezuela were both cut in half."

To me it looks like this was Venesuela's equivalent of the US's 'new deal', which was achieved at least in part with oil wealth (including the Petrodollar) and control of corporate and banking interests to allow the broader society to flourish.