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And its hard to be to tough on the poor bastard. Last time Clintons were in real hot water. Bill fired the Director of the FBI and Vince Foster wound up dead by the potomac a few days later.

I'm suprised he even said what he did. Had he recommended charges against clinton. Best case scenario he would be commiting career suicide. Worste case? The real kind, maybe "assisted" a bit.


[–] OcculusResurrectio 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago 

As angry as I was at the time, I think we should give him a lot of credit for coming out and saying what she did was wrong. I think he feared for his and his family's safety and legally didnt have 100% of the evidence he needed. But it was still somewhat noble and brave of him to come out and let us know that despite the ruling, what she did was wrong.