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But if we revolted and did what we were supposed to do and remove them from power, we would be the terrorists.

Meanwhile, they keep letting the real fucking terrorist shit skins in to this country unfucking-filtered.

Un-fucking-believable. I know many vets that are rolling in their graves right now. Fucking tragic.

Paint me any color you like, I'm still a freedom loving ass-kicker.

EDIT - I see the 4 whole commie, shit-skin pinko faggots showed up. Suck it nerds.

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Correct. Long as the power is on to charge the phones so they can candy-crack twitter-tinder fuck all...and the money is still flowing so we can continue to rob Peter in order to pay Paul...welp, that's it folks. We had a good run but fuck it all. Let's just toss it in the trash like an outdated phone for the new upgrade.

Bunch of fucking faggots.


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Here's what you're waiting for:

  • the day that the cops checks stop rolling in


  • the day the currency is so destroyed that the cops can no longer live a comfortable life on their pay

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So are you suggesting that all the cops in this country are somehow on the take? That is ludicrous. Do you have any evidence of all of this, or are you just making wild allegations just to make them? What about the cops who support Trump? Did they just miss the guardmount where everybody was told to protect "the rulers?"

You're painting a lot of good people who do a shitty job with a broad brush there buddy. To claim that all of law enforcement is somehow part of a conspiracy to suppress the populace requires more than just an assertion--it requires some real evidence. There is no evidence because cops are just people. They have diverse opinions. The only thing they have in common is that they're public servants who do shitty jobs like arrest folks for DUI, domestic assault, sit in court all day to defend some shitty speeding tickets they wrote, etc. Just because they work for a government and carry guns doesn't automatically make them all corrupt or bad people for fucks sake.

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Im with ya brother. They let in these dunecoons but reject refugees that are chrisitans. They are deliberately creating a situation where we will need to over throwthem.

If she wins we need a revolution, a kick ass drag these fuckers into the street, show of force.


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There were men way back when that were deemed "terrorists" and "traitors" for this exact thing you're speaking about.

Their names were Washington, Jefferson, Adams, and they didn't take shit from people.

They didn't ask for their rights. They demanded them. When they were ignored, they shot those who ignored and scoffed at them.