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[–] 502_Bad_Gateway [S] 1 point 41 points (+42|-1) ago 

Baltimore in 2016 - a 65 percent black city lorded over by a black mayor, majority black city council, and majority black bureaucracy/public servants -

The latest hilarity? The murder of a talentless black rapper [by a still at-large black suspect] is blamed, by black clergy, on white people...


[–] SecularPenguinist 1 point 35 points (+36|-1) ago 

The funny thing is that when intelligent black people speak out about these issues they're promptly shouted down as coons and uncle Tom by the black community. If they have any chance of pulling themselves out of this nose dive they need to head the words of the brave few who speak up about the problems with black culture.


[–] guinness2 4 points 39 points (+43|-4) ago 

they need to head the words of the brave few

And my car would be a flying car if only it could fly!

There's a reason why every black country on Earth is shit hole: a waking nightmare of rape and crime... because those countries are full of blacks.

If we didn't lock so many pavement apes in prison cages then they wouldn't stop raping and looting and killing until America resembled Africa. Negroes are nothing but a menace to any society.


[–] Apathy 0 points 2 points (+2|-0) ago  (edited ago)

shouted down as coons and uncle Tom by the black community.

Which is perfectly fine, even though if you flipped the races, that's like calling someone who wants to end racism a nigger lover.


[–] GimmeTheUsual ago 

This is why I think Blacks are fucked as a race. They can't even let the ones that want to improve themselves an opportunity to "escape", they've got to drag them down into the boiling water with the other crabs.

Baltimore outside the tourist areas (harbor, etc..) is a shit-hole. And just like Detroit, it will be embezzled and scammed until the city budget is full of holes like swiss cheese. Mark my words...


[–] G4 0 points 5 points (+5|-0) ago 

I listened to a few of Lor Scoota's songs. They're garbage, man. I love rap, I even like some real ghetto shit, but that guy sucks.


[–] ginx2666 ago 

talentless black

A pleonasm if I see one.


[–] 0fsgivin ago 

But actually where is the qoute of the preacher blaming white people. I don't really see it in the article?