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muslims only wash their ass with water yet they forget to clean their hands afterwards they are very hygienic kind of folks

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Ummm.... no. Soap was around thousands of years before Muhammad even existed. Stop pulling made up pro-Islam bullshit out of your asshole.


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The Egyptians were using soap 2000 years before Islam existed.


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Then why do they smell like shit all the time?


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Soap predates muslims by thousands of years. Ancient Egyptians and Babylonians are not muslims. Additionally - Aleppo predates islam by thousands of years (in case you want to be a smartass and make it about "modern" soap).

Do I need to go digging thru the history of perfume to see if it was a muslim invention?

The rest of your information seems pretty sketchy too. What do you mean by "wash"? Do you mean wash their hands and pat their faces, or fully bathe? If the latter - bullshit. Which muslims do that and where?