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Yes they are. And they are very proud of it.

I guess having the Mongols threaten you (they never really got far in Japan but crossed into Europe), the Chinese (obviously we all know what that means) and later various countries knocking on your door (Perry and his black ships). The U.S. did fuck them up ...

But even then they have assimilated the Beatles, blue jeans and hamburgers pretty well.


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KFC's also crazy busy on Christmas in Japan. Apparently kicking their ass made them like us - like something out of a shonen anime.


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For a historically warrior race how could they not respect the enemy which convincingly defeated them.


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I stopped buying chicken there on Christmas. It's fucking ridiculous!

Yes, they do have a love-hate with US. They hate the WWF/WWE aspect of Americans and love lots of things that are American. Amazingly, getting the shit kicked out them by us doesn't seem to bother them as much as old timers here remembering Pearl Harbor. They sort of respect us for that.

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That is the problem ... How far can Obama push shit on the Japanese before they do end up saying fuck off.

The shit happening in Okinawa is partially a "can't be helped" situation but accepting migrants isn't. The reason being is that the dumb asses who are causing the problems around the bases will get shipped out.

Hmmm, the Iranians in Japan would be a good study case.