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They aren't 100% immigrant family but when you integrate and show that you legitimately care about the society they have they will love you the same as anyone else. There will be those who don't like you because of pure racism which is stupid but the rest will be fine.


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They always give a big fuck-you to American weeaboos who bitch and moan that anime doesn't have enough "diversity" too. I honestly don't think I've ever seen a nigger on any of the anime cartoons I watched as a kid. Even the Jew dubs from Haim Saban that aired on Nickelodeon years back didn't go ahead and recolor the human characters to make the shows "multicultural." The only example I can think of is maybe Brock from the US version of Pokémon, but he's only like a shade darker than Ash and was probably Indian or Vietnamese or something.

Then again, there was Nicki Jynx :)