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We also share 99% of our DNA with chimpanzees. That doesn't make us all the same. Studies can correctly identify one's race based on DNA, showing that significant genetic differences between the races do exist. Additionally, medications such as BiDil are only prescribed to blacks because our biological differences make it medical malpractice to use the same drugs for every race. There are also differences in bone structure, bone density, hair texture, melanin level, muscle and fat buildup, tooth shape, and more. Race is very much so real. If white men came to Japan and had children with Japanese women, those children would not be Japanese. Thus, the Japanese people have to keep out even productive whites if they want to keep their country pure. I respect that.

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72% of variation between dogs comes within, rather than between, breeds. Does that make the other 28% irrelevant? No. Does it make the difference between a chihuahua and a doberman a social construct? No. It is the same for human races. While most variation is between individuals, no Swede will ever more closely resemble a Somali than another Swede genetically. That is why certain types of transplants are impossible to perform successfully between members of different races. For instance, it is impossible to have a successful bone marrow transplant between members of different races. It is even impossible between a mixed-race individual and his or her own parents. Indeed, in an article on the difficulties of mixed people getting transplants, the New York Times even noted that a white mother of a half-black child is more genetically similar to every white child on the street than to her own daughter.


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Way not to address any of his points and quote wikipedia.

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We classify animals as different species over smaller variations than humanity's races.


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There is only one breed. The dog breed. Anyone who thinks otherwise is breedist. The difference between a golden retriever and a pitbull is simply phenotype but basically they're the same. See how dumb that sounds if you apply the same viewpoint to anything other than humans?


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You're thinking of species. There is one human species. There are many human races.