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I'm a Bernie supporter currently planning on voting for Trump simply to demonstrate to the Democrats that if they continue to be a party of pathetic half-asses that cave under pressure on some of the most fundamental issues of our era then they deserve to be annihilated. After 8 years of Obama having promised the most open and transparent government in modern history, a promise he flatly broke, we are now supposed to vote for a candidate that went from being overall in debt from legal fees to having a net worth of over $100 million giving "speeches" to the likes of Goldman Sachs that she won't let any of the plebs know the contents of. Guantanamo is still open, we're still invading Middle Eastern countries constantly, we're still mandated to buy insurance from private for-profit companies without the availability of a public option, and the banks are bigger than ever and know they'll never be challenged again. Meanwhile for all of these "successes" the Republicans have managed to corner every state and local government in the country through redistricting.

Maybe if they lose the White House to Trump it will be enough of a disaster to force the party to actually grow some balls and change direction, rather than spending all their time screaming mindlessly about how women and minorities are soooo important so that everyone forgets how little they actually accomplish.