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Such a bizarre issue of our time... Patriotic? Racist. Proud to be white? Very racist. Skeptical of feminism? Sexist. Skeptical of same sex bathrooms? Trans-phobic. Skeptical about hundreds of thousands of Muslims being cohesive in the West? Xenophobic. It's hard to tell when the lunacy will end!


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Pro-immigration ? Progressive. Suicide bombing apologetic ? Tolerant. Sharia patrolling ? Culturally vibrant.


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Not supportive of Ahmed marrying a fetus? Islamophobic!!!


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Fag-enabler? Euphoric.

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The lunacy will end when those of us with sense tire of the SJWs and decide that we've had enough of their rhetoric. Historically, it's happened before and we seem to be headed down a similar path.


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SJWs have been around forever. The terms we're using have changed. Homosexuals were "gay," cis-gendered was "straight," the races were white, black, asian, indian, and other. There has been a continual squawk about immigration, jobs, color of someone's skin, and what other people do with their genitals since the beginning of time.

Back in the day, if you were overly liberal to the point of psychosis you were a hippie, and went to live in a commune. You still had that minority group making lunatic demands in favor of radical something-or-other that people rolled their eyes at. Now we have SJWs. Same pack of idiots.

On the other side of the extreme you have the overly conservative to the point of psychosis Bible thumper shouting at people on the street. It's just another minority group making lunatic demands in favor of radical something-or-other that other people roll their eyes at. They've become WBC. Same pack of idiots.

The bitch is that society needs each group of dipshits in order to keep things centered. Without the hippies the Bible thumpers would take everything over, and lead us back to the dark ages. Without the Bible thumpers the hippies would pussify society to the point we were overtaken by foreigners.

The volume of idiocy from each side of the loony bin ebbs and flows with the passing of each generation. The only thing that really changes is the popular phrases to use at the time. The only real, major, difference we have today is the Internet, and that's just making the echo chamber seem louder.


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Do you have any good examples of when it has happened before? Just curious to read about the final stages/outcome/aftermath


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So true