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Gets suspended for making shapes out of a pop tart. Meanwhile clock boy invited to white house for bringing a fake bomb to school, his dad hoping for a lawsuit opportunity.

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Ahhh! That word is triggering! How could you be so violent?


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he solder his own cpus man how dare you /s


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Pop tart gunz are dangerous as hell.


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for bringing a fake bomb to school,

To be fair it was a fake/shitty, "home made clock," it's pure fucking ignorance (borderline stupidity) and rhetoric on the part of the school staff and media that made it a "fake bomb."

Now, having made that point, this is equally stupid, and sensational. After all, once you've grown up who the hell cares what's in your permanent record?


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Actually there's sufficient evidence to conclude that the whole thing is an intentional hoax -- the "clock" was intentionally made to look like a bomb so that the student can accuse everyone of racism and discrimination -- exactly what he did.


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It wasn't a home made anything. He took the electronics out of a clock and put them in a suspicious looking black box. I'm not saying it was definitely a conspiracy, it could have just been a stupid kid pulling a stupid prank, but there was not educational value in what he did.