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Lips service to Briton until after the vote?


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Slovakia is a pretty open society when it comes to discussing Islam.

Who wouldve guessed that societies open to discussing Islam also hate it?


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Probably not. The EU presidancy is a rotating office that goes from state to state every six months, it's not an elected position and there's nothing anyone can do to stop Slovakia becoming president, so he can say what he wants. He's also something of a Eurosceptic afaik, so it's unlikely he's trying to work against Brexit. Also also, like many presidencies, it's a functional office rather than one with real power, it's not like the POTUS.

And, minor niggle, this guy isn't the next EU president, Slovakia is, it's just that, as PM of Slovakia, he'll be executing the office in practice.


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To do anything major he needs other countries to buy in. Good luck with Merkel's stranglehold.