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What your response ignores is WHY attitudes changed, and it certainly wasn't in a vacuum. In the 90's, we learned cops were routinely torturing suspects to get confessions. What was rumor was suddenly documented in several court cases.

Additionally, with the rise of personal video, what was cop said/suspect said rumor and allegation became documented fact, police violence was rampant.

Then, in the 2000's, we learned cops were policing for profit, flat out ignoring crimes like rape (just how many rapes could have been prevented in Detroit alone if cops tested kits? Baltimore? Philadelphia?) or assault, while stealing everything from people with as little as an ounce of marijuana because it made them money.

Then came the studies proving traffic enforcement decreased safety, but was essential for police budgets.

Then came scandal after scandal of known criminals keeping jobs, getting pensions, and not being prosecuted for murder, pedophilia, embezzlement, drug running, and simple assault with battery because they had a badge.

What CAUSED the change in perception wasn't "the media," who, until very recently, remained very friendly with, and, frankly, collided with, cops, it was non media access to direct video showing extreme abuses in a daily basis.

Your father's life isn't in more danger because of Anderson Cooper, it's in more danger because his compatriots are licensed to kill, and probably shouldn't be.

That's why you're getting down voats, because you're ignoring the fact that if it weren't for the continuous stream of documented police corruption and abuse, the view of police would still be favourable.