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This is an interesting perspective. I don't often think about how quickly an officer might have to make a life altering decision, and what it must be like in that moment. That is a heavy burden. Thanks for sharing.


[–] Ahabandthewhitegrail 2 points 4 points (+6|-2) ago 

No, this isn't an interesting perspective. It's also not true.

Speaking from experience, any Marine, or soldier, who did this in a combat zone would be lucky with a dishonorable discharge. Likely, they'd also see brig time.

Cops have one of the middle of the road jobs for safety, and, minus car accidents, one of the safest. The fear and paranoia are because cops also are not often well educated, and live inside an echo chamber where every day, they're told it might be their last. This fear has led to insane policies that actually decrease officer safety, and these policies have also eroded public trust in what should be a respected institution.

This anecdote exposes the core problem, his father feels repressed, even though his job actually gives him far more safety, latitude, and freedom than his "oppressors."


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Well said. I'll be puzzling over this for a while. Thank you.