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It's true. Look if you want to say your a man trapped inside a woman's body and you want to have a sex change it's your life. But I really don't like being told that it's "normal" it's not. I just don't think anyone should judge anyone for their life choices either.

Then again I'm also fine with doctor assisted suicide as well so I'm probably not popular anywhere!


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Well it's NOT normal in the sense that, 95% of humans in the world are born either a man or a woman, who prefers having sex only with the opposite gender. So the 5% includes gay, bi, transgender, etc. These are facts. What's bullshit IMO is this tiny group of people acting like their lifestyles are 50% of the population. Far from it. It doesn't mean they're worse people, it just means they're different from the "norm" because they are an incredibly tiny population. It doesn't mean they don't deserve exactly the same rights as every other human, but they don't deserve kid gloves and special treatment either.