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If you needed yet another reason to avoid this movie.


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This is bigger than an irrelevant movie. This is Bill fuckin Murray, who wishes you the very best Ghosbusters }{


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I am a huge Ghostbusters fan. I have the Ecto 1 lego version on my desk with the 4 lego guys sitting under one of my monitors. I will never forget this movie because I got grounded for the first time in my life because my brother took me to a friends house late one day to play the NES game when it came out. He didn't tell my parents he was leaving because he was so excited.

I knew about these emails a while back. They were circulating. I could have sworn that I heard somewhere he was going to be in the actual movie that comes out in July. If that is the case, then that is just horrible. I had read he didn't want anything to do with it.


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Welp, gonna go buy Ghostbusters I just to support Mr. Murray. Fuck this travesty.


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Remember: if it tanks at the box office it's all because of misogyny! Nothing at all to do with a rehash script using gimmick casting as a crutch!


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It's about much more than this stupid ass movie. It's about grooming these stupid fucks to outlaw criticism.


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They have created a perfect defense for their shit movie. The critics will have to either give it good reviews or tip-toe while giving it bad reviews just so they don't piss off the SJW crowd.

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What does them not reviewing your comrades have to do with anything?


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I am disgusted