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Your insane fundamentalist religion has no place in western society. Not trying to be alarmist, but this seems like 1 step closer to actual Shari'ia law.


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no place in western society.

The Islamic plan is to change our politics to suit Sharia. That is a nonnegotiable goal for Muslims. Evey capitulation to their demands will be met by their new demands.

The changes that Islam will demand to our society and our hard fought liberties and freedom will happen remarkably quickly unless we educate out fellow citizens about what Islam is all about.

The other necessary step is to ensure that our government represents us and not a high paying donor or cult.

BREXIT 2016! TRUMP 2016!

I have high hopes for Brexit which will herald the nationalism that the West thought (foolishly) that it no longer needed.

Trump may be a long shot for President but his message and success have changed the political landscape in a way that cannot be overstated.



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How can Muslim women who can't function without Muslim hiding masks be trusted to enforce the laws of man in opposition to their "perfect" sharia laws? What are these pedophile worshiping members of the Islamic terrorist ideology expected to do when confronting a Muslim man about his pedophilia or domestic violence? Answer: they will look the other way or risk having their savage Muslim community turn on them.


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How about this: if Muslim women can't do the fucking job then they can fuck off?


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I never thought the Scots were that stupid. Guess again.


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They should recruit Arab Atheists, Christians from the Middle East and Apostates, Chinese people in Scotland, Brazilians in Scotland not dumb fucks who worship the war mongering, thief, liar, pedophile, child rapist named Mohammed...a man muslims believe a prophet