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Fuck Target, I try and avoid them now as much as Walmart.

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Aren't they like the only two stores in America?

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LOL, no. I know what you're getting at, and from a convenience perspective it would almost seem like it. But no, far from it.

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crony capitalism is highlighted in this country, but we don't live in a dystopian oligarchy, as much as the fear-mongerers like to claim.

i live near a commercial part of town, and i can reach at least 5 stores within 10 minutes by walking that sell everything i need, including clothes and laundry shit. target is one, but it's only one.

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Luckily we still have costco.

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Same here. I know Walmart is bad too so if I can I use other stores. Local businesses are the best but there doesn't seem to be many left.

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wal mart's no better than target...

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Is Target TRYING to go out of business??

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They're going after the trans market. All 3,000 of them.

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If you were on the fence about boycotting Target before, this makes a strong case. "Target! Where it's better to let your fellow shoppers die from assault than help!"

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If only it was a trans that saved the day, there would be a ceremony, not a reward.

I believe the man should be safe, i think good samaritan laws have him covered

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Its official now, due to the fast frequency of idotic decisssions Target is now pants on head retarded.

They will lose but I guess a few million more dont put much of a dent into the 2billion+ the already pissed away.

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Remember people, corporate "morals" are an illusion designed to improve PR/sales. When you hear a company "doing good" it's just to advance their own self-interest.

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When you hear of anyone 'doing good' it's for their own self interest.

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"Hear" is the key word. Good deeds go unnoticed.

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What a shit article. It doesn't even explain WHY Target is suing the guy. It just devolves into a tirade about gender identity politics. WTF does that have to do with this case?

If you find a story written by someone interested in reporting facts rather than setting up a soapbox for unrelated issues, you find out what really happened. Turns out the dude and his friends were involved in an altercation with the attacker a few blocks away and they chased the attacker with a baseball bat into the Target store in the first place. Then the attacker grabbed the girl and demanded that Turner and his friends let him go. When they refused to let him go THEN he stabbed the girl.

Sure, the mentally ill homeless guy shouldn't be taking hostages and stabbing them, but to call this guy and his friends heroes for chasing the homeless guy into Target with a baseball bat when they already knew he was a serious threat to random people isn't exactly right in my book.

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Who the fuck is downvoating you for looking up, and reporting, the facts?

Must be some recent reddit migrants.

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Don't fool yourself into believing that only SJWs engage in selective acceptance of facts. It's pervasive on voat as well. Most of the time pure, straight facts will get downvoted if they conflict with voat's hive mind.

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Thank you for finally injecting some objective facts into this shitshow of a thread. Bravo.

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It's things like this that make people afraid to help others. I wouldn't help someone else unless they screamed for me to help. Sad.

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I'd help regardless, fuck the law.

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I don't want to lose all my money in a lawsuit for helping someone up off the ground. :'(

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It's illegal in the US for a victim to sue you for trying to help, guess that doesn't extend to third parties.

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From wikipedia:

The details of good Samaritan laws/acts vary by jurisdiction, including who is protected from liability and under what circumstances.[24] Not all jurisdictions provide protection to laypersons, instead protecting only trained personnel, such as doctors or nurses and perhaps also emergency services personnel such as trained police, fire and EMS workers.

You can help people, but if they are the right type of person (and if you are well off) they will try to extract money from you as a "thank you". This varies, but you can't expect people to look up the local rules for something like this.

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This article lacks enough detail to determine what is going on. And why does it divert off into the bathroom controversy. Seems a little yellow.

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