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I like how Clinton says that America made Poland free.

Poland "would not be free" if not for the United States

What a load of bullshit. The Polish were raped and murdered by the Germans and Russians, while their Brittish allies sent absolutely no help. While the Germans were busy building gas chambers across the country, the USSR was rounding up Polish officers and intelligentsia and exterminating them en masse. The USSR even after becoming one of the "Allies" divided their army around Warsaw on the way to Berlin, hoping the Germans would finish killing the Poles before the Russians got there, thus saving them the trouble.

When the Allies redrew Polands borders in 1945, the Polish government-in-exile wasn't even invited to the conference. Poland lost more than 179,000 km^2 of their Eastern territory, from which the USSR expelled all Polish-speaking individuals. After the war ended for most of Europe, Poland still had another 44 years of brutal repression before finally winning back their democracy in 1989.

Long story short, America had absolutely nothing to do with the eventual liberation of Poland. America gave zero fucks about Poland both before and after the war.

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Jesus Christ the clintons are so shitty it's insane.


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Yeah, poor pollocks got a tough break. Never understood why people treated them so poorly.


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My step-father is Polish, and escaped communist Poland as a young man in the 70's. To this very day he doesn't use his family last name, as his father fought for the Polish underground, and was therefore hunted by the NKVD. His family was relatively wealthy land-owners in the East, who were all disposessed by the Soviets in 1939. Most of his family was shipped East by train deep in to Siberia, where he assumes they died, since no further trace of them comes down to us today.

Polish “jokes” came from Nazi German propaganda that was then pushed by Soviet communist sympathizers in Hollywood. The stereotype that Poles are intellectually inferior or have subhuman intelligence, originated from Nazi German propaganda and Soviet propaganda. The main purpose of this was to originally justify the genocide Germany and the USSR were committing. Later it was used to erode any friendly sentiment towards Poles worldwide.

Some examples of Polish bravery were also used against them. For instance, the Polish charged German infantry with machine guns and tanks, on horseback. People used this as an example of the Poles being idiots. In reality, it was an act of desperation. The Poles had no tanks, and knew quite well what Germany and the USSR had planned for them. It's the equivalent of fighting barehanded against 5 guys with swords. But they didn't do it because they thought they would win. They did it because it's better to die on your feet than on your knees (I don't think living was really even an option).

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I've learned about WW2 over and over in school but I never realized that parts of modern day Belarus, Ukraine, and Lithuania were actually Polish land prior to WW2. Thanks for posting.


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You mean when the Russians were busy building 'gas chambers' in 1948.

Look it up


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Regardless of what he thinks of Poland's government, why pointlessly alienate an ally when his wife is running for pres?

Methinks ol' Bill is losing his touch.


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they are just setting him up as being senile so when he dies in october it's believable and hillary gets the sympathy vote


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As Chicago Mayor Harold Washington said of the corrupt former Mayor Daley, "I'm not glad he's dead, but I'm glad he's gone." Nobody deserves to have to die - not Jobs, not Mr. Bill, not even people guilty of bigger evils than theirs. But we all deserve the end of Jobs' malign influence on people's computing.


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Saving that probably prophetic comment. I am going to be impressed if that happens.


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Well he can go fuck himself.

Does he not realize that the old people in that country lived under a Nazi regime and their kids lived under Communism? They more are pro democracy and pro America than probably any European country.

The comments regarding them being pro-Putin is especially egregious. He literally fucking knows nothing about Polish people.


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Poland and Hungary are the two most likely countries to have the will and the ability to rescue Western Europe once the Muslim call goes out.


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Poland knows facism when they see it. They were raped by the nazis in 1939 and they don't want a repeat by letting hard to integrate people from muslim countries into their country by the millions.


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You've only got that part way right.

Poland was raped by the Nazis on their way to the USSR, raped again when the Nazis were retreating, and then once again when the USSR came through. Poor Poland should just have been called "Rape-land".


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Don't forget the Soviets raping them before Barbarossa, along with the Baltic states, Finland, etc. Poland has endured everything the world has thrown at it and remained a distinct people, and so national sovereignty means more to them than to the Western European nations


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The Old Boy needs to just go sit on the porch and watch the pretty girls walk by.


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Who gives a fuck what this cheating fuck says.


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This special kind of stupid goes both ways. I had a heated discussion with a professor in college who was "informing" the class that Bulgaria was not democratic because they had a communist government. I pointed out that their communist government was elected in democratic elections, but the professor was adamant that "democracy" doesn't mean free and fair elections, it means "no communists." LOL. I don't even.

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