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[–] 1moar 0 points 93 points (+93|-0) ago because that site is fucked with scripts, etc.


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Doing the Lord's work today, 1moar. And for that, I thank you.


[–] 1moar 0 points 12 points (+12|-0) ago 

You are welcome Froggy. :)


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Sorry, I'm kind of new and just post what i read I think will interest all ... I have no clue how that archive system works, I guess I need to figure it out.

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[–] 1moar 0 points 16 points (+16|-0) ago 

No sweat fellow Voater; it absolutely should be shared as much as possible.

As for Archive, it's so easy a caveman could do it. Go to, paste the link of the article in the box; imgur, reddit, etc., click the button, and it will take a live snapshot and archive it. It's particularly useful if it's something controversial and could later be removed from the host site; great for posterity, etc.

It also gets rid of all the garbage scripts and shit that causes all sorts of issues. Also, and this is nice for me anyways, if a certain site is blocked at work it's a great workaround for those of us that have to deal with that.


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Voaters tend to prefer content over silly rules for posting, so no worries.

Welcome to Voat!

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