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On one hand, I actually applaud all this recent b.s. Because, I know most of it is b.s. and I just want the discussion to be solved and to go away. But I already know that these people will develop amnesia and wont actually look at facts, so its hard for me to accept these social experiments. ESPECIALLY when its mandated at a federal level! Seriously? Let a state or two enforce transgender bathroom use freedom and sit back and see wtf happens over the course of ten years. Then let the individual states decide what to do.

Not to mention, that these socially insignificant issues are conveniantly dominating the political dialogue in the current election year. Can't have the people using logic and reason to decide on a president based on stances that actually affect the majority of the population. No, we have have to focus on transgenders, non-religious gay marriage, BLM pandering while ignoring cop on white killing statistics.