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[–] vacvape 1 points 2 points (+3|-1) ago 

Calling it a mental health issue or illness isn't a cure or treatment however. Imagine that. It's missing the part where we bulldoze them all into a ditch, or force "medicate" them until they're all doing their best Rose Kennedy. Maybe it's not as easy as applying the most choice labels.


[–] Aaaron 0 points 4 points (+4|-0) ago 

Nobody is saying that calling it a mental illness is the solution. But if we can accept that it stems from mental health issues, we can begin to find a viable solution instead of chopping up people's genitals.


[–] vacvape 0 points 3 points (+3|-0) ago 

The terminology is so loaded that it's a mine field anyway. Having recently seen people in the related AMA use "treatment" in relation to pharmaceuticals. It's as good as taking a scalpel to the brain which is as good as a hammer and ice pick based on our actual level of knowledge on things and most of it is pure assumption, much of it known to be wrong, but is what sells.

Mental Health issues are probably in relation to it but does it stem from them or the other way around? Maybe a lot of the problem in the first place are the binary expectations of normalcy made for everyone by marketing for simple mean of control using are basic insecurities, sexuality and so on. However could that be accomplished without invoking mass sickness and mental health issues? Eating disorders and so on. There are common threads to it all. Impossible expectations, shame, etc.

But it's a small step to go from "mental health related issues" to "illness" that we can impose our brand of lottery based quack "treatments" and "services" on to outright exterminating them from the concept of acceptable thought. Labeling it as an "mental illness" in some way typically grants them an ability to over rule your personal wishes by whatever means on the basis of your supposed inability to know better. It's a classic way of hijacking personal autonomy without the need of a crime committed and these victims typically don't enjoy human rights.

I think blanket euphemisms like "treatment" can often mean horrible atrocities all too easily and often used to imply that they have something beneficial to offer them. In the recently posted article of a teen girl who was granted medical suicide after a lifetime of sexual child abuse that left her with hallucinations and everything. "Hope springs eternal....'treatment works'.... but it takes the magic lottery of the right therapist match and upwards of 20 years." So this A hole counselor can't bear the thought that his services in the maintenance of societal narrow mindedness aren't required in every case just so he can maintain optimism while others suffer a lifetime of pure hell when it is their preference not to. Maybe we should learn not to fail them as a society in the first place.