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The new interpretation of title VII of the equalities act (changed to benefit trans people) means title IX now forces university women's sports teams to accept anyone who says they're a woman. Sport will be very different in the future.


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Sport will be very different in the future.

Well... it will be for women. The men's leagues won't change. Now watch and laugh as the blue-haired crowd has to allow all women's sports to be entirely taken over by men that couldn't quite cut it in men's sports.


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Fuck man what an ironic ending. I mean, I guess it's not entirely unexpected (what the fuck did they think was going to happen when "man" and "woman" become subjective terms), but I guess I expected it to stop before it got so far.

Unfortunately I think some poor female athlete(s) is/are going to get seriously injured or killed before this finally gets back to sense.