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It's below the age where they can give consent to anything. This court's just sacrificing the poor girl on the alter of virtue signalling.

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You don't understand, she felt uncomfortable the first time she went to shop for bras. It's clear it means she's a dude.


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For perspective an 11 year old is not legally allowed to be left unsupervised in Canada. I'm not sure how we square 'not responsible enough to be at home for a couple hours' with 'responsible enough to choose dangerous medical treatments without parental consent'.

There's clearly some other things going on in this family, but the precedent is terrifying.


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I thought girls were yucky when I was 11. Our principal preached about how is okay to be gay so I thought I must be gay since I don't like girls.

11 year olds should not be making life-altering decisions about themselves, especially when society gives them messed up views about what they should be.

If I made all my important life decisions when I was 11 I would probably be a gay truck driver named Megatron with a huge Oasis tattoo


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Let me guess, this kid will end as another statistic in the suicide cases involving "transgender" individuals.

Seriously, let the kid become an adult and choose properly.