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When she told her five-year-old son, Elie, about what was happening in northern Alberta, he collected his toys and said he wanted to give them to other children who didn’t have toys.

I'm surprised none of the Muslims set themselves on fire (before being volunteered and beaten to death by their Muslim community) in protest of the Fort McMurray fires...

“We understand what they’re feeling. When you lose everything, you have to start from zero. You lose your memories, your items. It’s not easy. It’s something very sad. We can totally understand their feeling,” Khanchet said.

How odd that Khanchet fled the horrors of Islamic sharia blasphemy and apostasy laws in the Muslim middle east, only to promote Islamic sharia laws in Canada.

I would have thought anyone who was sincerely opposed to terrorism would reject the Islamic terrorist ideology and dump their quranic book of terrorism in the trash with the other garbage...


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I just saw this article as a lame attempt to suck up to this multiculturalist ideology. Each family is giving 5$ - wow whoop de do stop the presses everyone.


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Does this means the Fort McMurray refugees have to rape the Syrian women?