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Absolutely disgusting that that is even being considered


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Yeah but it also makes law enforcements jobs easier if they actually want to stop more terrorism events because I'd bet my bottom dollar that people of a similar mindset to the asshole bombers would show up to such an event


[–] guinness2 1 points 14 points (+15|-1) ago 

I'd bet my bottom dollar that people of a similar mindset to the asshole bombers would show up to such an event

Terrorism is promoted by every Islamic sect, mosque and imam in the civilized world... because they ALL teach that the terrorism-promoting and terrorist behaviors of Muhammad, the sex-slaving child rapist, represent moral perfection that all Muslims should emulate (quran 68:4, 33:21).

You don't need to have such an even to attract Muslim human garbage when you local mosque is full of these pedophile-worshiping pieces of shit.

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I think you are all being naive about the danger you face. This is a dangerous ancient enemy that traitors have left the front gates open to. They are alien to your world and have no intentions of simulation into your culture or the West. These actions will be seen only as encouragement. They will see these 'works of art' as capitulation by a weak people.

You can't think so high minded around them. Reason if weakness to them. Words, words they don't understand. They understand action and force. They wouldn't be there if they came from a background of thought and reason. This 'art' will be lost on them, it will be seen through the eyes of savages.

But Europe wouldn't be Europe if it didn't naively stumble into a continental war every century or so at least. Sometimes you get a couple in each century. Apparently you are long overdue to have the sandbox of Europe stomped around in and all the sand castles kicked over and the Tonka Toys thrown about.


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Us Danes don't have a tradition of hiding things away and pretend they didn't happen regardless of the circumstances.

Dude your country has a "freedom from information law". You guys actually fall in lock step with your swedish bretheren and this article doesn't really paint a pretty picture.

What's with the pretensions of openness? You are writing on the net this shit is easy to check.