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Misleading title (not that we should expect better from HuffPo). They voted to remove a red tape law where financial advisors would need to file additional reports to the SEC about every transaction

Sad to see this being upvoted by reactionary anti-government types who didn't read the article. There are lots of subtle ways the government fucks over your retirement savings, but this is not one of them. Get pissed about how they repealed almost every measure put in place to stop bundling MBSes, so we're going to have another 2008 financial crisis in 10 years. Dont get mad that they're not looking over your shoulder ag every transaction.

Ironically for the anti-government types, the regulation being repealed would give the government more control over financial transactions. I guess knowing that requires reading the fucking article, though...

Edit: I especially love the final sentence in the article. J guess that's the Huffington Post mantra: "And, as always, Obama prevails!"