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IT in America is Lazy on the national scale. The effort required to make the switch off is massive but the companies that run those networks in the USA are not making sufficient progress because they have no interest to.

The IPV6 move really is because we are "out" of addressable space. Now, a lot of the existing available IP's are either "black holed" for being used by spammers or bad-actors or is already owned by someone or an organization.

Now, IPV6 will also push the IOT bandwagon as every device (even the dumb ones..) will have an IP address and other built in (exploitable) software. Who would have ever thought that your light bulb would be on a wireless network? Now it can snoop on you and your internet traffic or be used to launch attacks against other systems/networks.

However, with all of that said. There is clear (and proven) evidence that US government agencies such as the NSA have intentionally interfered with RFC's that define how a protocol or encryption works to make sure that small but intentional flaws exist which can lead to vulnerable implementations.