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You didn’t cancel 8 months ago when Netflix aired this commercial?


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It was actually my GFs sub, which we argued over getting. And was only supposed to be for the 'free' 'month', but she let it lapse. I finally took care of it.

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YOU are an amazing person. EVERYONE thinks about YOU, mostly.

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More. We need more of that here. Come, demoralize faggots with me. It's a jolly good time.

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Jolly. Are you some kind of candy brain or something?

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I wish I could say I cancelled for ideological reasons, but it's the same old story with all these stores and products: it turned to dogshit quickly and decisively. Bad enough that they removed ratings to hide their thumb-drive-sized film catalog. But the autoplay "previews" of the same three garbage music beds and the inability to find anything at all made it literally unusable and telegraphed the poor Syfy-quality of what they did have.

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Good capnflummox. Good.