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This is typical in most businesses when dealing with a sensitive PR situation. If you can find a business reason, financial reason, or a reason based on a violation of a legal agreement, then it is always better to use that when terminating a relationship. Why do this? Because it is harder to challenge in court, and it protects the companies best interests. You don't have to like it.


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https://archive.fo/rjraH :

Netflix Terminates Contract With The Weinstein Company | Deadline

'The streaming service also agreed to drop its $326,000 claim stemming from the sequel to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. '

'Endemol has filed legal documents claiming Harvey Weinstein’s alleged sexual misconduct represents a contract breach on the part of Weinstein Television. '

'UPDATED with Netflix statement about Peaky Blinders: Netflix won a U.S. Bankruptcy Court’s approval to terminate its output deal with The Weinstein Company, a settlement that means the streaming service won’t be obligated to stream a third season of MTV’s Scream. '

'A spokesperson for Netflix said Peaky Blinders will remain on the service, uninterrupted. '

'The settlement resolves Netflix’s part in the dispute over Peaky Blinders, a British period gangster epic with a rabid fan base. '

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