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https://archive.is/E1cR1 :

'The Chosen': Getting In - NYTimes.com

https://archive.is/24LLf :

Trump considering Goldman Sachs COO Cohn for energy secretary: Fox Business Network | Reuters

https://archive.is/iPCZj :


https://archive.is/1bmGU :


https://archive.is/M22Qk :

Mnuchin Said to Be Top Treasury Pick Among Trump’s Advisers - Bloomberg Politics

https://archive.is/eooqy :

How Steven Mnuchin got his unusual name - U.S. Election 2016 - Haaretz - Israel News | Haaretz.com

https://archive.is/HsWQm :

Steve Bannon’s Vision for the Trump Coalition After Election Day - The New Yorker

https://archive.is/Mk4t1 :

Clinton’s former CIA director advising Trump on national security - POLITICO

https://archive.is/j8IyD :

Donald Trump Says He Has ‘Open Mind’ on Climate Change Accord - NYTimes.com

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