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added the 3 you gave me to the excel sheet, voat post and the discord. lots of lists to keep up!


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Maybe there is a way to centralize these - if you posted a link to the excel sheet here on v/mybordersmychoice for the official media coverage, instead of updating this post, then you would only have to update the excel sheet and the voat page would just point to the excel sheet. Could do the same thing for the discord. Then you would only have to update the excel sheet, less work (but then you'd just have to make sure to back up the excel sheet every once in a while in case google "loses" it)


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Hey @jasonco, new article from Santa Clara University:


From the moment I received the message, my life has not stopped to take a beat. I researched it as much as I could, contacted others in my organization to update them and reached out to all of my contacts around campus. I spent hours sending emails and texting people, typing up a statement while those around me did the same. We scurried around to figure out what the best way to respond was.

In every class I had the past week, my professors chose to talk about this incident.


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i think i just overdosed on salt. I added it, plus the new youtube video that came out today.


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Nice, I'll continue to keep my eyes open and record tweets. New one with 62K followers today:



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One new slander article with a poster containing links:


A group in the US called Resist Marxism held a public rally that they called My Borders My Choice (and they posted the meme on their site), in support of ICE officers and for justice for Kate Steinle, looks like it took place on January 27 from 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm at the US Immigration Courts at JFK Federal Building, Boston MA (15 Sudbury Street):


Anon from ASU who put up MBMC posters made another YouTube video vowing to stand his ground and keep spreading the message despite antifa trying to take down posters, good man:


Cool T shirt design from some German company, they put the MBMC hashtag in over 20 different languages on a graphic tee:


Triggered blog post written in German, baselessly accusing the posters of racism:



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Hey @jasonco, new article from Iowa State University:


This poster used imaging and rhetoric consistent with the feminist movement, depicting the United States trying to protect its lower border from being grabbed by an unspecified hand depicting a recently trending hashtag.

This poster that has found its way to Iowa State’s campus has also been sighted around college campuses in the United States and versions adapted for other countries have been sighted worldwide.

The university considers acts like this to be “bias incident.”


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https://unvis.it/http://www.newsweek.com/alt-right-neo-nazis-targeting-anniversary-womens-march-785958 :

Alt-Right Neo-Nazis Are Targeting the Women's March

https://archive.fo/wVGcB :

Mr. Frexit 🇺🇸 on Twitter: "NO means NO #mybordersmychoice… "

https://archive.fo/wVGcB :

Mr. Frexit 🇺🇸 on Twitter: "NO means NO #mybordersmychoice… "

https://archive.fo/qcNKA :

The Golden One on Twitter: "LET'S GO CHAMPS! Here is the new link to the #MyBordersMyChoice project. Check it out and share with others :-) t.co/0dENEC0VIl"

https://archive.fo/4bEQJ :

BenGarrison Cartoons on Twitter: "#MyBordersMyChoice Meme-a-riffic! t.co/uMusVysvAC"

https://archive.fo/ZSARP :

AUStudentGovernment on Twitter: "AUSG Statement on Racist, Misogynist and Anti-Immigration Posters Found on Campus Monday: t.co/Rg9UgXkvE0… "

https://snew.github.io/r/The_Donald/comments/4czwis/my_borders_my_choice_no_means_no/ :

My Borders, My Choice! No Means No! : The_Donald

https://snew.github.io/r/The_Donald/comments/7inyof/no_means_no_mybordersmychoice/ :

NO Means NO! #MyBordersMyChoice : The_Donald

https://snew.github.io/r/The_Donald/comments/7jz3we/mybordersmychoice/ :

#MyBordersMyChoice : The_Donald

https://snew.github.io/r/metacanada/comments/7q7odf/my_borders_my_choice/ :

My Borders My Choice! : metacanada

https://snew.github.io/r/The_Donald/comments/7q9xwc/mybordersmychoice_no_means_no_8_days_left_before/ :

#MyBordersMyChoice: No means NO! (8 days left before Jan 21 to print your posters - do it for Kate!) : The_Donald

https://snew.github.io/r/The_Donald/comments/7s0kcg/pepe_jones_wants_you_to_put_up_mybordersmychoice/ :

Pepe Jones wants YOU to put up #MyBordersMyChoice posters TONIGHT for Kate! (also Ben Garrison tweeted about the posters!) : The_Donald

https://snew.github.io/r/The_Donald/comments/7nu927/mybordersmychoice_the_movement_that_makes_furious/ :

#MyBordersMyChoice the movement that makes furious feminists get violent heart attacks : The_Donald

https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=J9CbS3NXe6EYouTube :

CA Sanctuary State Sign and My Borders My Choice Jan 21 2018 - YouTube

https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=dtk45W2o2-g&feature=youtu.beYouTube :

My Borders My Choice Happened - YouTube

https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=5ndkQAbGqDs&t=2sYouTube :

My Borders, My Choice? - YouTube

https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=hBrab008sWI&feature=youtu.beYouTube :

my borders my choice - YouTube

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New article from The Chronicle of Higher Education, falsely claiming that the poster campaign was violent:



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I'll add this stuff tomorrow when I have my computer back. In the meantime I found a great venue for postering, an app called Whisper. I'll send you more deets once I'm back on my PC.


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Sounds good, I'll have to check out Whisper. Thanks man


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New article from Iowa State Daily, falsely associating #MyBordersMyChoice with "White Nationalism":


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