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Nocturne Opus 9 is the piece that got me into playing piano again. As a kid, I had taken some lessons, but in my later teenage years I gave up and sold my piano because I thought I would never be any good at it and under the influence of our corrupted modern culture I thought piano was for uncool nerds anyway.

Years later, by chance I heard the piece on the classical channel, while flipping through radio stations on the way to work and was overwhelmed by its glory. It also seemed playable, unlike Chopin's other pieces which are unapproachable for a novice. The next day I went out to buy an electronic piano that would fit in my apartment. It took me a month of daily practice to learn the piece on my own. It was almost like I had never stopped playing. Every minute was worth it. I needed that sense of accomplishment to know that if I set my mind on something and work hard towards it, I can achieve what others would tell me is impossible.

Chopin is the greatest master composer of piano pieces in history, unrivalled before and since. His work is an inspiration and a reminder of the great culture we once had. Following in this man's footsteps by learning to play his pieces is a lifelong journey that I am proud to take. By doing this, I hope one day to be able to show my children and grandchildren what white culture is all about: unmatched elegance and beauty that can only be imitated by others, but never outmatched.

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