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Experimental jazz-rock fusion. Compare this to hip-hop and rap. This is white people music. If you like it, try listening to some King Crimson.

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this shit is epic

used to pull this motherfucker out of my dads record collection often just for the artwork alone

im like in my 40s now so grew up well after the hammond but this shit gives me a hardon to this day.

Id also get yourself into some Uriah Heep and Focus.

pic unrelated

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Hell yes, Im right there with you.

Used to sometimes pull this thing out just for the crazy artwork.

That fucking giant scorpion scratches his eye, what the fuck is happening?

Good shet.


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I need some recommendation for King Crimson because "court" was too medieval and droney for me.

*the krimson kiiiiiiiiiiiiiing..... iiiiiiiiiiiiing."

And I never gave them another try despite elo and fripp being "genre-benders".

Whats something I can listen to?

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https://invidio.us/watch?v=Dw6dHlMJCPw&list=PLo2aaBamFnLRl_a3Tu-RrkIDeL4TM0V4F :

Tarkus (i. Eruption / ii. Stones of Years / iii. Iconoclast / iv. Mass / v. Manticore / vi.... - YouTube

Yes, I know invidio.us has shutdown

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