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Try to listen to Yes and not be in a better mood. You can’t.

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It’s extremely white music. Fusion of synthesizers and real instruments, complex melodies, timing changes, and a sense of awe at the natural world.

Rick Wakeman is amazing

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I'm an old fart, so i prefer their older stuff. However, this album was a nice mix of their "let's be pop stars" and their musical genius.

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Changes is my favorite YES tune from this album.

This is my second, but not by much.

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YES is insane good, luv it!

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The symbol looks like the memorial monument they are making for covid

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https://yewtu.be/6BjSoxG1Upk :

Yes - It Can Happen - Remastered [Lyrics in description] - YouTube

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Fact: Jews and faggots rule the music world and decide who's in the R&R Hall of Fame. 2017 for YES. They had too, needed to cover their filthy ass for allowing all the fake, nigger, faggots and lesbians they placed all these years. Greatest band ever for over 50 years, yet beatles, snoop dog, barf and all the rest of the cock suckers who preceeded

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RRHF is lame.

Source - I've been.

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My one regret visiting that overpriced shithole was not picking up a vinyl copy of ELP's Brain Salad Surgery. I love prog; it's my favorite genre.

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Credit is due when the peer/public vote, not the jews