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I found out long ago

It's hard to sing without your vocal chords

Holiday road

Holiday road

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Well, they broke the chain.

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Have your apprentice working on analog kid yet?

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Nope! Maybe eventually.

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EH and J are coming back here to eat and to give me a ride to the venue. I told 'em not to even unload a guitar from the truck. I won't be bringing one with me.

I feel surprisingly good about this. I'm not actually regretting not performing.

But, EH and J are coming back to get me for three reasons. One, I make better food. Two, they don't want to wait around anymore. Three, they don't want to loadout any more than they have to. They know damned well I'll be wanting to leave as soon as the show is over.

Also, the wind is brutal today.

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Sounds like a good first step, since that was the goal to begin with. There will eventually come the time when you don't go at all and only hear about the gig the next day. On occasion you'll become the special, featured guest that is highly anticipated. But that's a long way off and it will be a long transition.

I'm not surprised with the girls, after all cunning is a major feminine trait ;) .

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I am about 95% confident that they discussed exactly those things, or very similar.

Did you see yesterday's PG article? That explains some things, if you've not read it.