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And people wonder why the Russians love him.

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It's be hilarious if Putin set out to ruin rap in Russia by organizing making it really shitty. Think of how Christian Rap Music sounds. Whoever came up with that idea was brilliant.

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https://archive.fo/RwYyv :

Kremlin should take the lead on rap music, not shut it down, Putin says | Reuters

'MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Saturday the Kremlin should play a leading role in Russian rap music and in youth culture, rather than trying to shut it down. '

'Addressing Matvienko, Putin said, “You said that rap (rests on) three pillars: sex, drugs and protests. '

'Putin on Saturday was responding to a statement about rap concert cancellations made by music producer and member of the advisory council Igor Matvienko. '

'His comments follow a spate of concert cancellations by venue owners and local authorities across Russia and the brief arrest of a popular rap artist, Husky. '

'He said that he had talked about swearing with a linguist.“She told me personally that it’s a part of our language. '

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