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Was Jim Morrison satanic, or part of the illuminati?

There's been a slaughter here.

Dead president's corpse in the driver's car The engine runs on glue and tar Come on along, not going very far To the East to meet the Czar

The minister's daughter's in love with the snake I will get you Soon! I am the Lizard King I can do anything

These lyrics fit the Biblical imagery of the serpent as satan, who is seducing a teenage girl - but Jim is equating himself with being the Lizard King, which could mean that he is the top serpent, or satan, and he is going to "get" the teenage girl, and do whatever satan does to young girls. The protagonist of the song is also a witness and possible perpetrator of a "slaughter" - this could reference satanic ritual blood sacrifice of a human being. I used to think this song and The End were not about Jim being satan, but about Jim being a kind of shaman who can venture into our collective dark side and give us vital information. But the seductive and hypnotic nature of the music on these two songs could suggest that Jim is playing the role of satan, the Lizard King, the top serpent, the top deceiver, and seducing the youth toward satanism, or the illuminati and secret societies, which Jim must have known about, because his father was a high ranking officer in the Navy who happened to be directly involved with the Gulf of Tonkin "incident" - really a false flag staged in order to precipitate the Viet Nam war. What could be more satanic than the blood sacrifice of thousands of young men in a senseless war? Is it a coincidence that Francis Ford Coppola chose to use the Doors' song The End to highlight a scene of ritual blood sacrifice of a human being? Does anyone have more information on this topic?

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