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You're friend is dead because you're a dick. It's called karma. Carry on.

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Try harder. You can do better. *Your, you fucking cum guzzling fag fuck.

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I was hitting the sauce pretty hard and was having the shittiest night ever. Well i ended up posting some dumb stuff in a booze induced fit of rage and just wanted to say that i'm not normally like that. Long story short, my apologies. Have a great night everyone and take care.

Hahahahah, drunken faggot. Can't remember what you do from one minute to the next. STILL DEAD, LOL.

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He still dead and he doesn't miss you. Probably because he was a fat fuck. Worms are still working on him.

Stick that guitar up your ass sideways you faggot. Let's hope you're next asshole. Have a nice day.