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I have done zero research to confirm this and don't even know the drummer's name - but I suspect it's someone who's fluent in "rudimentary drumming" as the drum line is mostly rudiments. If you're not familiar with drumming as a technical study, the easiest way to identify them is that they generally sound like something you'd hear from a military drum, often concentrating on the snare, or something you might expect to hear while enjoying a drum and bugle corps, or maybe some marching bands.

So, my guess is that it's a drummer that's trained in the rudiments - or a rudimentary drummer.

Another such drummer would be John Densmore, from the Doors. 5 in 1 or Unknown Solder are good examples of him using rudiments.

(My first love was percussion.)


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Simple or not, I like it. It sounds like a military march and the dichotomy of that in a song that was an anthem for the hippy freaks in the 70's is just so perfect as musical protest.


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Oh, "rudimentary" does not, in this case, mean simple. It's just the name.