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Oh, you might be interested in this!

Fellow goat @cynicaloldfart has been amassing a giant collection of snippets about the history of rock and roll. Well, they were true gems and he'd 'just' been leaving them as Voat comments, where they'd likely get a limited audience. Together, we've started a project and it is coming along nicely.

The site is https://musicfor.us

There's an about page, if you're curious. A couple other people have shown some interest and have been participating. I pretty much just do the administrative work and pay for everything, though we hope that ads will someday may it sustainable. If not, so be it.

But, if you're as into music as you seem to be, you might find the site interesting. I think this song might actually be of interest enough to warrant an eventual article. New articles are posted daily, so we will eventually need to create more. Right now, there's quite a few that can be added to the queue, so there's no danger of running out.

Anyhow, you may find it interesting. He's written tons of great content.

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I think this song might actually be of interest enough to warrant an eventual article.

Actually, it's already been done here on Voat (list 4).

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Nice! I haven't memorized them all but this one seemed like one of the ones that would be appropriate for the list.

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I've been working on a music related project, something that I would share with everyone on Voat, but it's too early to talk about it because it's still in the WIP phase. Still looking for a good web host for this.

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What sort of specs are you looking for?

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holy shit, my music teacher taught us this song in like 2nd grade. Good times

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The Andrews Sisters Brothers - Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy

Those are transgendered / trannies.

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wut? This was the Forties and as far as anyone knows these were perfectly decent women.

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You can start with the actor who played "Minnie Pearl", on Grand Ole Opry from 1940 when TV shows were in black and white. Minnie Pearl is a biological male. I invite you to do an internet search, see for yourself, it is a man.

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Okay I'll go first, from L to R:

Fuck Marry Kill

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